Wheyward Girl Creamery

Wheyward Girl Creamery was one of our first clients back in December 2014. Barbara, a master cheesemaker, and Roberta, a culinary instructor started as two friends who wanted to persue their passion for cheese and their love of their community in Nevada City. When they came to us, they had the beginning of a business plan- 8 months later, they applied and received loans, ran a successful Kickstarter campaign, signed a lease, completed a strong and viable business plan and are now open! Congratulations to Barbara and Roberta for all their hard work.

We went to visit them on day 6- they were already sold out of a few special items and people continued to stream in through the door. Go visit them when you are in Nevada City- you won't be disappointed! Wheyward Girl Creamery is located next to Three Forks Bakery and Brewery. 


Tahoe Print Shop


After nearly 20 years of working in the photography, print, and design field Grant Barta knew it was time to start his own business. 

But the idea of creating a business plan, managing finances, and applying for a loan seemed daunting and out of his reach. That is when he decided to Google ‘business help’ and found the Small Business Development Center (SBDC). The staff at Sierra SBDC set up Grant to meet with a consultant, Dave McDougall, who specializes in finance and accounting.

Grant and Dave worked together to manage financial statements and cash flow, create a realistic business plan, and set next steps and goals to keep them on track. Grant feels Dave was particularly helpful because he had the experience of owning and operating his own business. Dave was always available and willing to give Grant advise between counseling sessions. Together they worked on a loan application, which was approved, and helped open the doors to Tahoe Print Shop in 2013.

A year into business, Grant and Dave still talk on a monthly basis to keep paperwork and finances up to date. Currently Dave is helping Grant become more comfortable using Quickbooks, as well as how to increase customer base in the second year of operating.

Tahoe Print Shop specializes in large and small format printing: from business cards, real estate signs, building plans to canvas block prints. Grant, along with his biggest and best helper- Lola, his 7 year old daughter, can meet all your printing needs. Tahoe Print Shop shares work space and collaborates on fine arts projects with Alpine Mountain Systems.

Grant is excited about a busy and successful first year of business, he plans to continue to work with SBDC to grow his business. His next steps include purchasing a vinyl cutter to design and create custom stickers. 

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