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Knowledge Bites

Critical for Small Businesses: Understanding Employment Laws
February 27, 2019


Running a business means staying apprised of the current legal landscape and making sure your operations comply with the rules. Labor and employment regulations are among the easiest to violate, but failing to follow them can also become quite costly.

The team of Brooke Barnum-Roberts of Truckee Legal, and Kim Pierce of Truckee HR are here to help. In partnership with Knowledge Bites and the Truckee Chamber, they will help small businesses understand some of the areas where many often trip up.  “By putting some simple, best practices in place and being proactive, you can avoid potential problems down the road,” said Pierce.

Event will cover:

  • Overtime, split shifts, on-call, reporting time pay, meal & rest times, timekeeping
  • Paid sick leave, vacatioon pay, wages & paystubs, accomodations for leaves
  • Exempt vs. non-exempt, employee vs. independent contractor


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$25 Chamber Members | $35 Non-Chamber Members | Purchase Here
*Pre-registration required. Attendance limited.


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